Born and raised in Monrovia CA, Kevin has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. Starting in musical theatre at age 10, he's performed all over Southern California in places such as the Honda Center and Quake Stadium opening for Earth Wind, and Fire, Heart,  LeAnne Rimes, and many more. A decade later, while in his Junior year at Cal State University, Fullerton, he began writing music as an outlet from his coursework. Through that, Kevin discovered his enormous passion for songwriting. It wasn't long after, he realized the joy and artistic fulfillment that came with writing music. Now, Kevin pursues Who's Clayton full time, in addition to singing with The Rock Bottom Boys and an a cappella doo-wop group called The Alley Cats.


A charismatic, clean cut, and down to earth guy, Josh thrives off of the raw excitement that comes with making music. Originally from Glendora, California, he grew up playing sports, singing in choirs, and doing theatre. He met Kevin when he was 13 years old through a local children's theatre company called Centre Stage Inc. where they first began singing together. His passion for performing led him to CSUF where he dabbled in both the theatre and music departments, eventually finding solace in the Music Education program. Today, you can find him substitute teaching at Clairbourn School, singing in the internationally televised "Hour of Power Choir," playing basketball or golf with his family, and of course, making music with Who's Clayton.



We're a duo, but we love to collaborate.
Listed below are some of the amazing musicians we work with.


Darryl joined WC in August 2012 after an incredibly awesome jam session - it's a night that we'll never forget. We immediately fell in love with his ability to deliver an incredibly soulful voice through his fingers and out the violin. After over a year of live shows, a few singles, and a live album, Darryl is now on hiatus with WC, and is headed to Oklahoma University for Graduate School. Don't worry though, we definitely haven't seen the last of those flaming fingers. We plan to visit and play shows with him in Oklahoma and pick up where we left off when he returns to California. 


Jessica's voice is pure silk - so glad we met her at Cal State Fullerton. We love the way her folk & jazz influences blend together in her original music and in the harmony she sings with us. Although not a consistent member of WC, you can find her in our Young Love video on YouTube, and if you are lucky, you'll catch her performing with us live. Check out her website and her blog, "Bluegrass & Chocolate"  for more. 



Frontman to his band EMAEL, Emmanuel is a dynamic, multi-instrumentalist, and our most recent addition to WC. He's a senior at Cal State Fullerton majoring in cello performance, but also shreds the electric & acoustic guitar, drums, bass, and who knows what other tricks he's got up his sleeve! Check out EMAEL's Soundcloud to hear for yourself!